VIDEO — At the Border of Hope: An Immersion Experience

SCUPE’s border immersion trip to Nogales, Mexico was filmed by expert videographer and master storyteller Vince Isner in this captivating video.

This is a powerful demonstration of SCUPE’s educational method of Contextual Theology. Immersions challenge our preconceived ideas and abstract notions about complex questions like immigration. This video demonstrates how immersions equip faith leaders with the tools to address one the most overwhelming tragedies of our time – the plight of immigrants seeking a better life.

Immigrants face more than a wall – they struggle with horrific danger, psychological pain, and fear of separation fed by a broken political system threatening to break apart families and destroy lives. SCUPE’s Immersion program is the first step in building a foundation for action-centered faith-based leadership – both at the border and in the corridors of power.

You may also read “Bring the Sky Down” a report on the immersion trip written shortly after it took place in November 2015.

A statement by the SCUPE Board of Directors entitled “Meeting Jesus at the Border” was issued at its meeting on December 5, 2015.


We have already scheduled our second immersion trip to Nogales: November 2-5, 2016.  Reserve your place here!

One Comment

  1. This was an amazing video that touched on the human cost of our insane immigration policy. I was honored to be a part of the SCUPE immersion experience, and look forward to your visit in November. Perhaps we will see some light at the end of this enormously long tunnel.