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1 2014 Graduation

“SCUPE gave me a new theology and a new way of looking at faith and scriptures. It pointed me to all the scriptures that are about compassion, justice, inclusion, and rights of the poor. Coming from a Catholic and Baptist background I had never heard a sermon before on poverty and justice. SCUPE showed me this whole other side of what it means to be a Christian. When I came to SCUPE my theology was one dimensional. I left SCUPE multidimensional with a deeper richer theology.”  ~Dr. Rick Tobias, Community Advocate & Former CEO at Yonge Street Mission in Toronto, Canada 

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“I was able to have a wide array of different professors from different faiths, who were able to expose me to different faith traditions. The classes forced [me] to practice true community engagement, it wasn’t all academia, you need to be with the community, it can’t just be all talk.” ~Ms. Irma Cornier, Running for Chicago 31st Ward Alderman in Chicago

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“At SCUPE I learned how to understand the systems of power, economics, and justice within a larger political system. … SCUPE inspired me to see how I could work with the church in Nigeria for economic and political justice. It empowered me to see how I can work within the systems to help to affect change, and to empower others as well. SCUPE’s education taught me to navigate the multi-ethnic and multi-religious country context of Nigeria.”  ~Rev. Dr. Obed Dashan, General Secretary of the Church of Christ in Nigeria

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“SCUPE empowered me in my ministry. …[As] I understood how marginalization affected me and my community, I became more effective as a counselor. I could help others move from blaming the system to navigating the system. I now work cooperatively with people from other communities who have the power to affect change.”  ~Pastor Rosita Sanchez, Pastoral Care Provider to the Latin@ Community in Chicago

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“My journey with SCUPE … gave me the boldness to be my authentic self for the first time in my seminary journey. SCUPE creates an environment where transformation becomes real with the city as the classroom. It has enlarged my territory and the reach of my ministry.”  ~Pastor Anthony W. Sullivan, Jr., M.Div
Associate Pastor, Community Outreach & Development at God Can Ministries in Chicago

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“SCUPE was anything but cookie cutter ministry training. I loved the way they brought in different professors who were experts in their field. We had a wide range of students as well. SCUPE met you where you were. They told me, If you want to do ministry, we can help you do ministry where you are. SCUPE helped make the bridge between SCUPE classes and seminary admission seamless.”  ~Rev. Malcolm Griffith, Founding Pastor of Advocate UCC in Chicago

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“SCUPE was just what I wanted, very practical training in the midst of the city. At SCUPE, people really challenged me. It was while I was a student at SCUPE I was asked to preach at Reba Place. SCUPE students and professors challenged me to find my power and use it for good. They told me, Get to know your alderman, get to know your representatives. Get out in the community and meet people and discover how you can use your power to affect change in the community. And so, I did just that.”  ~Sally Schreiner Youngquist, Community Leader of Reba Place Fellowship & Founding Pastor of Living Water Community Church in Evanston

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“We witnessed interfaith dialogue as it should be; … deeply engaged with one another, seeking understanding. How we defend our faiths is equally important. Will we respectfully convey the beauty, poetry and promise in our faiths? … I walked away with a new appreciation for what they held sacred.” ~Lorie Flynn Jacobs, M.Div., Norton Healthcare Chaplain, Louisville, Kentucky

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