Israel and Palestine: A SCUPE Immersion Experience

For decades the American news media’s portrayal of the crisis in Israel and Palestine has tended to favor the Israeli government’s point of view.  But the issue transcends politics. It is a matter of faith, conscience, and human rights.

SCUPE’s leadership has engaged with people both in Israel and Palestine – Jews, Christians and Muslims — for many years. We’ve heard many complex narratives. We know Israelis who struggle to remain faithful in the context of occupation, and Palestinians for whom occupation is a daily reality. How do we listen to the stories of human suffering and struggle, and learn new insights so that we too can engage in the work of justice and peace?

SCUPE’s method of learning by contextual immersion offers a way. In March 2017, SCUPE will lead an Immersion Experience to Israel and the West Bank and meet with those who live with the struggle every day.  To learn more, watch below, then sign up below to join us on this eye-opening Immersion Experience.

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