March workshop: Theology of Community Organizing

Theology of Community Organizing

Community organizing is a method by which churches collaborate and act to address issues of inequity and injustice in their communities by speaking truth to power. Although many churches already participate in such collective action, pastors often do not understand the biblical and theological basis for engaging their churches in this ministry. This two day-long seminar offers pastors and church leaders and opportunity to share their insights and develop a theological basis for this ministry.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learning the theological biblical basis for community organizing.
  • Equipping the participants with tools in community organizing.
  • Training the participants in how to bring their faith into action.
  • Provide inspiration for sermons  that move congregations from a personal faith to community activism.

Partner: IIRON and David Hatch
Workshop Dates: March 14 & 15 (overnight retreat)
Location: Cedar Lake Ministries – 13701 Lauerman Street – Cedar Lake, IN 46303
Time: Thursday at 9:30am – Friday at 3:30pm
Speakers: Trainers from IIRON
Retreat Fee: $200* (or $175 student rate**)

*Workshop Fee includes registration, materials, overnight accommodations,
and meals including Thursday’s lunch and dinner, as well as Friday’s breakfast and lunch.

**Student rate Includes: students registered at SCUPE and at ATS accredited seminaries.

Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE) announces its March continuing education workshop: The Theology of Community Organizing, which is co-sponsored by IIRON.

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  1. Hey I’m thinking of registering for this training. Two questions: (1) I’m assuming the overnight stay is covered in the fee? and (2) Who are the faculty? Thanks! — Barb Bolsen

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for asking that clarifying question. The overnight accommodations are included in the cost of the retreat. We will adapt the language on the site because I think others will have the same question that you just asked!

    Please feel free to call Rev. Tanya Sadagopan at the SCUPE office at 312-726-1200 x241 or email her at for more information on the agenda and facilitators for the program.

  3. Justin Thornburgh

    Hi Mark,

    Please let us know if this will be offered again. I would love to come, but can’t make it this time.

    Blessings, and say hi to everyone for me.

    Justin Thornburgh

  4. Great to hear from you Justin. We’ll keep you posted on anything similar that comes up in the near future. Sounds like you’ve had some great life and ministry milestones recently. All the best!

  5. I cannot attend this time but would like to participate in future workshops. Please keep me posted.