Why Are Pastors Talking About NATO/G8?

Why are pastors getting into pulpits and in front of cameras… talking about NATO/G8?

After yesterday afternoon’s press conference at the Chicago Temple with Rev. Jesse Jackson, voicing official support for the protests that will likely accompany the two summits of NATO and G8, there can be no doubt that certain members of the faith community are deeply concerned.

SCUPE is proud to co-sponsor the following event, which will look at the place of economic justice in the Christian tradition.  More than simple analysis and theology… the event will also offer an opportunity for participants to strategize and organize around specific issues of economic justice, on a local level, that are directly connected to the global practices of NATO and G8

Sunday, May 6 from 4pm – 7:30pm
Chicago Temple – First United Methodist Church

(includes a light meal)

77 West Washington St. / Chicago, Illinois 60602 / Phone: 312.236.4548
Discounted parking is available

Help us spread the word about this opportunity for people to faith to come together to
Learn, Strategize, Organize, and Take Action!

Economic Justice for All - NATO G8 Summits Chicago 2012

Download an email-able pdf here: NATO-G8 Public Theology Event

Sponsors for the event include: the First United Methodist Church – Chicago Temple, IIRON (Illinois-Indiana Regional Organizing Network, the Office of External Programing at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, and SCUPE (the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education).


  1. I am the coordinator for the Protest Chaplains of Chicago. We are working with the Spiritual Affairs committee of the Occupy Chicago Movement. We are organizing now for NATO. we have an initial planning meeting this Saturday in Oak Park at the Caribou Cafe at 9:00 am. And then again on Monday evening. we can be reached on Facebook or my direct email. At lorenmcgraill@gmail.com.

    Please share this information with folks who might be interested.

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