Global Climate Convergence

10 days to change course.

What would it look like to reverse course, to repent our destructive relationship with creation, to reconcile humanity to itself and to our cradle planet earth?  The Global Climate Convergence might just be the most comprehensive, spirit-filled, answer to that question.  Come and be a part of the Convergence launch, here in Chicago this coming Saturday.

January 18th at 7:30pm at Workers United Hall

333 S. Ashland Ave. – Chicago, IL

Featuring Jill Stein, Richard Monje, Tim DeChristopher, and Chris Williams.

Global Climate Convergence January 18 Chicago Jill Stein Richard Monje Chris Williams

Especially inspiring is their call for an emergency Green New Deal (which you can read below or on the Convergence website). As SCUPE continues through the planning stages of the 2014 Congress on Urban Ministry that the concept of “a just economy” looms large in our minds. There is no doubt that integrating climate justice with social justice will a crucial component of any just economy which values and cherishes not just human life but also the creation that sustains and surrounds us. The emergency Green New Deal embodies just this linkage between created humankind, Creator, and creation.

In fact, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the emergency Green New Deal reads like a blueprint to the first steps towards the Beloved Kingdom. So much so that we’ll have an entire track at the Congress dedicated to exploring the connection between Ecological Justice and Sustainable Economies. Hope to see you there!

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