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Continuing Education Workshops

Continuing Education 2013 – Engaged Dialogues for Insight and Action

SCUPE offers an array of continuing education workshops and lectures.

In addition to its national biennial conference, the Congress on Urban Ministry, SCUPE also offers timely, accessible and relevant workshops through its Continuing Education department.  SCUPE designs and leads cutting edge workshops on urgent issues facing professionals involved in ministry in the city.  These workshops are designed to support professionals engaged in urban ministry and to nurture, equip, and inspire a prophetic and innovative mindset to the art and practice of ministry in their neighborhood.

These affordable 2 and 3 day workshops are designed to fit the lifestyle of the busy professional in ministry, education, healthcare, community organizing, and beyond.

Throughout the year SCUPE also offer lectures from internationally known speakers in the field of Urban Ministry. In the past year or so, SCUPE has hosted lectures from Brad Braxton, Allan Boesak, and Johnson Mbillah.

For more information contact SCUPE at 312-726-1200 or email urbanmin@scupe.com.

The Art of Gospel Entrepreneurship
Continuing Education – Engaged Dialogues for Insight and Action

Gospel Entrepreneurship Workshop

The first in a workshop series of “Engaged Dialogues for Insight and Action” the Art of Gospel Entrepreneurship will bring expert practitioners to the table. In structured dialogue, they will share with and learn from each other, seek fresh insights and plan a course of action.

How can the church think courageously about, and stay focused on its mission?
How can we build powerful relationships that can deliver results?
How can we effectively communicate, including using social media?
How can we become comfortable talking about money in church and raise lots of it?
How can we learn about best practices and sharpen our tools of entrepreneurship?
How can we train our church members to be more effective in their ministry?

Past Key Presenters have included:

  • Eboo Patel – Founder and President, Interfaith Youth Core
  • David Abrahamson – Pastor, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
  • John Davidoff – Chairman, Davidoff Communications
  • M. Hill Hammock – Chairman, Chicago Deferred Exchange Company
  • Tanesha Pittman – Executive Director, Women’s Institute for Global Leadership, Benedictine University
  • Nike Whitcomb – Nike B. Whitcomb Associates, Inc. (Consultants to non-profits in fundraising, public relations and marketing)
  • Christopher Kopka – Vice President of Outreach and Strategic Development, Brightpeak Financial
  • Geoff Mitchell – Pastor, Big Life Community Church

SCUPE workshop Art of Gospel Entrepreneurship

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The Theology of Community Organizing
Continuing Education – Engaged Dialogues for Insight and Action

Theology of Community Organizing

Community organizing is a method by which churches collaborate and act to address issues of inequity and injustice in their communities by speaking truth to power. Although many churches already participate in such collective action, pastors often do not understand the biblical and theological basis for engaging their churches in this ministry. This two day-long seminar offers pastors and church leaders and opportunity to share their insights and develop a theological basis for this ministry.


Workshop Objectives:

  • Learning the theological biblical basis for community organizing.
  • Equipping the participants with tools in community organizing.
  • Training the participants in how to bring their faith into action.
  • Provide inspiration for sermons  that move congregations from a personal faith to community activism.

SCUPE workshop: The Theology of Community Organizing

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Engaging Faith in the Neighborhood
Continuing Education – Engaged Dialogues for Insight and Action

SCUPE continuing education interfaith workshop for July Engaging Faith in the Neighborhood
Photo Courtesy of Hartford Seminary

Religious diversity is a reality in most urban neighborhoods. Christians who seek to engage in relationships with those of other faiths often lack the theological rationale and skills for doing so. This three day-long seminar will give participants an opportunity to listen to the unique religious constituencies from our own communities. It will also equip participants with skills for building relationships with neighbors of other religions and find common ground for working together.  Together we will engage in creative interfaith dialogue and visit Chicago’s religious communities.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Empowering interfaith leaders
  • Creating a safe space to learn
  • Equipping the participants with teachable resources
  • Discussing America’s religious diversity
  • Building Courage  to visit new places of worship
  • Building community among the participants
  • Training in effective speaking about interfaith engagement
  • Teaching the history of modern interfaith movement
  • Practicing interfaith engagement
  • Developing skills to foster interfaith relationships

See a draft of the seminar’s agenda here.

Past Lead Faculty have included:

Dr. Lucinda MosherDr. Lucinda Mosher, whose work in facilitating Christian formation and enabling interreligious relations is well-known, is a faculty associate at Hartford Seminary. She is the author of numerous books, the most recent of which is Toward Our Mutual Flourishing: The Episcopal Church, Interreligious Relations, and Theologies of Religious Manyness (Studies in Episcopal and Anglican Theology), (Peter Lang, 2012).




Rev. Dr. Shanta Premawardhana is President of SCUPEDr. Shanta Premawardhana is the President of SCUPE (Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education). Previously he served as the Director for Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation at the World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland, and as the Associate General Secretary for Interfaith Relations at the National Council of Churches of Christ in New York.




Required reading before the workshop:

–        Belonging (Faith in the Neighborhood) by Lucinda Mosher

Suggested reading before the workshop:

–        My Neighbor’s Faith: Stories of Interreligious Encounter, Growth, and Transformation by Jennifer Howe Peace

–        Praying: The Rituals of Faith (Faith in the Neighborhood) by Lucinda Mosher

Engaging Faith In The Neighborhood

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Continuing Education Workshop in partnership with the Council for the Parliament of the World’s Religions

Touched by Violence - Partnering for Peace

Our life experiences are shaped and colored by violence.  Whether we are dealing with a child caught in the cross fire of gang activity or violence against our religious community or that of our neighbors, transformative leadership  demands that we bring compassionate and proactive responses to the tragedies of our  day and age.  Transformative leadership also demands listening to the stories of those impacted by violence, looking critically at our own faith traditions, and strategizing on how we as religious communities can partner for the sake of peace.

SCUPE and the Council for the Parliament for the World’s Religions Faiths Against Hate Campaign are sponsoring this one day workshop for leaders, clergy, and people who are called to make a difference in transforming violence into partnerships for peace.

Day: October 2015
Time: TBA
Cost: TBA
Place: Salt Lake City, Utah


Past featured speakers have included:

Joel MosbacherRabbi Joel Mosbacherof Temple Beth Haverim Shir Shalom in New Jersey. The loss of his father to gun violence and his resulting anti-violence work was recently featured in this New York Times article.





Abdul Malik MujahidImam Abdul Malik Mujahid is the chair of the Board of Trustees of the Parliament of the World’s Religions. He has written extensively on religion, public policy and initiated a joint campaign between American Muslims and the National Organization of Women to declare rape a war crime.




As in all SCUPE events, the expertise and perspectives of the participants is sought and valued, and dialogical learning from each other is encouraged.

In this workshop we will…

•    Share stories of how we have been touched by violence.
•    Explore how our faith traditions may legitimize violence in our communities.
•    Build partnerships with others leaders touched by violence.
•    Learn strategies for dealing with the aftermath of violence.
•    Commit to bold actions for peace in and across our communities.