Christian self-understanding in the context of Buddhism — Current Dialogue

The latest issue of the World Council of Churches’ journal on interreligious dialogue and cooperation Current Dialogue was issued last week. In this issue are the papers presented by Christian theologians who are also scholars of Buddhism. I organized this conference on Christian self understanding in the context of Buddhism in Sri Lanka in December 2009.

Among the presentations were eminent scholars such as Fr. Aloysius Pieris, SJ (Tulana Research Center, Sri Lanka) Prof. Perry Schmidt-Leukel (University of Munster, Germany) Prof. Elizabeth Harris (Liverpool Hope University, UK), Prof. Christine Lienemann-Perrin (University of Bern, Switzerland), Dr. Ruwan Palapathwela (Anglican Communion), Prof. Rose Drew (University of Glasgow, UK) and  Prof. David Eckel (Boston University). The consultation featured several Sri Lankan theologians as well as a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk.

The findings of this consultation will become resource for a broader document on Christian self-understanding in the context of many religions, which will be produced in preparation for the WCC General Assembly in Busan, South Korea in 2013.

Click here to download and read the journal. SCUPE will publish similar resources on this website with a view to building a resource library on issues interfaith dialogue, which is a new competency that it seeks to develop. The comments and responses you make to the articles are welcome. As appropriate, they will be forwarded to WCC for consideration on the on-going work of Christian self-understanding in the context of many religions.

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